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Stan Hochman 1928-2015

For better than 50 years, The City of Brotherly Love was fortunate to have the blessing that was Stan Hochman, husband, father, grandfather, writer, broadcaster, and philanthropist. We lost a distinctive and unique voice that sought not only to present us the facts and statistics of each game or match he covered, but also delved into the motivations and personalities of those in the competition.

As noted in the stirring remembrance by Tom Mahon at the Philadelphia Daily News, “…Hochman was a people person. Wrote about them. Cared about them.” And it was always evident in each piece he penned for the paper. From the heartbreaking collapse of the 1964 Phillies squad to Joe Frazier being bested by Ali in the “Thrilla From Manilla”, to number 8 seed Villanova’s unprecedented (and, as yet, unmatched) 1985 NCAA Final Four Championship win over Georgetown, to championships brought home to Philadelphia by our Sixers, Phillies, and Flyers. His was a style that not only informed but educated and entertained.  (more…)

  • Leonard B. Sokolove
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    Obit: Former Bucks County Judge, Attorney, and Local Liberal Lion, Leonard B. Sokolove, 88

Obit: Former Bucks County Judge, Attorney, and Local Liberal Lion, Leonard B. Sokolove, 88

Leonard B. Sokolove, jurist, attorney, soldier, father, and husband, passed away on Monday, November 3 at age 88. He was remembered this week by close friends, colleagues, and family.

As reported in The Inquirer, Sokolove had a passion for the law, and it was evident in his life’s work. His commitment to fairness, family, Philadelphia, and country was defined and displayed by his character throughout his life.

Sokolove served his country bravely in World War II, earning the Bronze Star for bravery during the Battle of the Bulge. Sokolove risked his life in the face of enemy fire to retrieve a wounded soldier and return him to safety. Serving as a radioman in the 63rd Infantry, Sokolove would also receive a Purple Heart for being wounded in battle. (more…)