Choosing Cremation for Your Final Needs

A Philadelphia cremation is chosen almost half the time for final needs. The John P. Donohue Funeral Home & Cremation Services in Upper Darby offers low cost cremation services as an alternative to a traditional funeral and burial. Cremation may be combined with a funeral or memorial service. To learn more about cremation options, call our team right now: (610) 991-8842.

Choose cremation for its:

  • Affordability: Funeral Director Bart Cavanagh and the staff at our Upper Darby funeral home are committed to affordable funeral and cremation plans. Chosen alone, cremation costs roughly one-fourth the cost of a funeral, and a small fraction of the cost of a funeral and burial together.
  • Simplicity: We can arrange cremation for you with just a single call. Trust our expert, professional staff to care for your needs.
  • Flexibility: Cremation offers families a choice of services and timing. Cremation is chosen as a standalone service, or in combination with funeral and memorial services. Additionally, cremation allows services to be scheduled at a convenient time for the family to gather.
  • Green Burial Alternative: Ecologically-conscious clients appreciate that cremation uses minimal resources and requires no eternal land use.

Cremation Planning

Establish a cremation plan to define your choice of cremation for final needs. A cremation plan outlines desired services, including a funeral prior to cremation, or a memorial service following cremation.

By planning cremation now, you can prepay to lock in the current price for cremation, and be confident that your needs are met. Planning also offers peace of mind knowing final needs are arranged, and that your family won’t be burdened with choices or payment. Call us today to learn more: 610-991-8842.