Darby PA Funeral Home

Darby PA Funeral Home

Darby families – contact the John P. Donohue Funeral Home today to arrange your funeral or cremation services. We’re right next-door in Upper Darby, and we offer a full range of Darby funeral and Darby cremation services. Choose the John P. Donohue Funeral Home for:

Darby Funeral Home Services provided by experienced professionals. Our staff and funeral directors have decades of experience with

  • cremation,
  • alternative funerals,
  • traditional funerals,
  • and memorial services

in Darby and the greater Philadelphia area. We proudly offer veteran funeral services for those honorable individuals who have served our country. Call today to discuss your Darby funeral or cremation service, and begin arranging your personalized end-of-life plan to say an appropriate farewell to your loved one.

Compassionate, Experienced Staff

Our experienced staff is here to provide the compassionate care your family deserves. We’ll treat you with respect and sensitivity during your time of loss. Call us today to talk with our caring staff about your Darby funeral or Darby cremation.


Are you looking for affordable Darby funeral and cremation services? The John P. Donohue Funeral Home takes pride in offering reasonably priced end-of-life services. Contact us today for a funeral or cremation price quote.

For help any time call us at 610-991-8842.