cremation costs

While there are several reasons an individual or family may choose cremation, price is often a determining or contributing factor. Philadelphia cremation costs are just a fraction of burial costs. Generally, even selected with a funeral service, a funeral and cremation costs less than a funeral and burial.

To minimize cremation costs:

  • Choose direct cremation
  • Plan ahead

Direct Cremation Lowers Cremation Costs

Families who wish to minimize funeral costs might select a direct cremation, cremation without a funeral service. When choosing this option, consider a memorial service at a later date. Families should also take advantage of the opportunity to view and visit the deceased prior to cremation as an important part of the grieving process.

Pre-planning for Low Cost Cremation

Plan cremation in advance of need for the best Philadelphia cremation pricing. When you make advance arrangements for cremation, funeral homes offer today’s price for a future service. As cremation costs have risen from year to year, this could, and should, amount to a cost savings.