Bereavement makes even ordinary tasks difficult and complicates the already complex process of arranging for a loved one’s final disposition. That’s why the staff of the John P. Donahue Funeral Home has prepared this collection of important documents and decisions that you can attend to now, before end-of-life care becomes a pressing issue. Use this simple resource to guide you through this difficult time and secure peace of mind.

Decision Checklist

Reflecting on important decisions concerning your end-of-life plans helps clarify for you and your family what you want out of your final service. It’s useful to start thinking about:

  • What type of service you want
  • How your remains will be cared for or stored
  • How you’d like people to pay tribute (flowers or charitable donations)
  • Who will care for any pets
  • Who will speak at your service

Important Documents Checklist

It’s also important to begin collecting and preparing the necessary documentation (or in some instances, creating it). It should cover:

  • Who should be notified of your passing
  • Determining the executor of your will
  • Information for safe deposit boxes or other physical assets
  • Information for bank and retirement accounts, credit cards, insurance policies, and other accounts that require notification
  • Contact information for newspaper subscriptions, telephone services, and other utilities that require cancellation
  • Notes for your obituary

Once you’ve collected the necessary documents, it’s a good idea to back everything up (either electronically or physically) somewhere safe from disasters — including fires, floods, and earthquakes — just to be careful.

Creating a checklist for after death isn’t exciting. But it helps prepare the central parts of a ceremony crucial to providing loved ones with closure necessary to the grieving process. It also focuses the mind on what you want out of your ceremony. Attending to your affairs now spares your family difficulties down the line.

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