A Philadelphia cremation is only the first step in saying goodbye to a loved one. After cremation, roughly one-third of families choose to scatter the ashes in a place that was special to the loved one. With the appropriate permissions, ashes can be scattered in many beautiful places. Families looking for places to scatter ashes after a Philadelphia cremation should consider these options.

Scatter the ashes at sea
With the ocean nearby, many families scatter cremated remains at sea after a Philadelphia cremation. Several vessels offer scattering services off the shoreline of Atlantic City, New Jersey. EPA rules apply to scattering off the Jersey Shore and state that ocean scattering must be done at least three nautical miles offshore. A report must be filed with the EPA. However, the Mid-Atlantic region only requires reports for full ocean burials of corpses or coffins; cremains aren’t restricted in the same way off the Philadelphia coastline.

Scattering remains on private land
Families who would like to scatter remains on private land need two things: the permission of the landowner, and to confirm that there are no local laws prohibiting the scattering of cremated remains. In most places, families can scatter remains on private land with permission from the landowner. Few municipalities restrict scattering ashes, but it’s advisable to check with the local authorities to ensure no restrictions bar this practice.

Scattering Ashes - Philadelphia

Scattering remains in state parks
With 120 state parks in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia families have plenty of beautiful spots from which to choose a final resting place for the cremated remains of a loved one. Scattering cremated remains at Pennsylvania state parks is permitted with Bureau approval. Families should speak to the park manager of the state park they prefer, and provide details like time, date, the process for scattering the remains, and the location.

Scattering the remains at Lincoln Financial Field
In 2005, a fan ran onto the field during a Philadelphia Eagles game and began scattering the ashes of his late mother. He said she was a huge Eagles fan. Unfortunately, he didn’t have permission, and the man was arrested, fined $100, and sentenced to 50 hours of community service. No matter how much of a baseball fan the family member may be, representatives of the Eagles have confirmed there are no provisions for scattering cremated remains at Lincoln Financial Field.

Scattering Remains at the Philadelphia Race Track
Unlike Lincoln Field, the Philadelphia Racetrack permits longtime patrons or others associated with racing to “rest” at the track. Families make arrangements with the chaplain who will lead a small ceremony and permit the family to scatter the ashes.

Ultimately, families have many cremation scattering options in the greater Philadelphia area. Rural Pennsylvania also provides some beautiful landscapes for a family member to rest. Families should check with property owners and local laws to ensure the scattering is lawful, but scattering cremated remains in Philadelphia provides a peaceful way to say goodbye to loved ones.