Each family has its own set of needs and desires when saying farewell to a loved one. For some families, planning exactly the right Philadelphia burial and funeral trumps everything else. For other families, cost is a more important factor, and may drive Philadelphia families to seek affordable cremation options. Whether you’re looking for the perfect custom funeral or a modest cremation, the experienced staff at John P. Donohue Funeral Home & Cremation Services is here to help.

What are the Average Philadelphia Burial Costs?

Burial costs in Philadelphia range significantly depending on where you’re burying your loved one, how far it is from the funeral home to the cemetery, and what you choose for the casket and burial vault.

For a general sense of the range in burial costs, burial in Laurel Hill starts at $2,500 for the burial plot, while burial in Woodlands Cemetery starts at $3,400. Costs for opening the grave vary depending on the facility, but tend to start around $500 to $1,000. Transportation to the cemetery from the funeral home may be included in the funeral, or may be charged on a per-mile basis, depending on the provider and the specifics of the funeral and burial plan.

In short, Philadelphia burial costs vary significantly depending on what the family chooses for location and services. Philadelphia families can expect the base cost of burial to start at somewhere over $5,000 for the plot, casket, and burial vault, and these costs easily surpass $10,000 or more in some cemeteries or with some burial selections.

How Do Philadelphia Cremation Costs Compare with Burial?

Philadelphia cremation costs are significantly less than burial costs. Cremation involves fewer costs than burial, and the costs associated with cremation are typically less than burial. For example, when a family chooses cremation, they can forego interment entirely and save on the costs associated with buying a plot and opening it for burial. Scattering the remains eliminates the cost for anything beyond a basic, temporary urn. Families easily save thousands of dollars by choosing a Philadelphia cremation instead of burial.

If families want to plan a Philadelphia cremation that is comparable to burial, they can still save on costs while preserving the rituals and functionality of burial. For example, cremation spaces in Woodlands Cemetery start at $1,500 – a savings of over half the cost of the basic single grave space starting at $3,400. Community mausoleum interment may cost even less, as niches are typically more affordable than in-ground interment. With these cremation interment options, families visit the loved one at the cemetery and have all of the benefits of cemetery interment – but at a fraction of the cost of burial.

Ultimately, every family’s needs are different, and every burial or cremation should be approached with the needs of the family in mind. John P. Donohue Funeral Home & Cremation Services helps with your Philadelphia burial or cremation – we’ll help you find the right balance between the farewell you desire and managing end-of-life costs. Call us today at (610) 991-8842.