Selecting a Philadelphia funeral home is an important step in your end-of-life planning. Whether you’re planning your funeral in advance, or you’re dealing with a Philadelphia cremation or funeral due to a recent loss, you deserve compassionate care as you move through the planning process. Your funeral home of choice should be capable of managing the funeral services you require, and you should understand the funeral or cremation costs – and any documentation you sign. Keep these things in mind when choosing a greater Philadelphia funeral home:

Does the Philadelphia Funeral Home Offer the Services You Need?

Some funeral homes in the greater Philadelphia area specialize in certain services and may not offer a full range of end-of-life options. When you’re considering funeral homes, make sure the provider you select offers the Philadelphia funeral or cremation services you need.

The John P. Donohue Funeral Home, for example, is a full service greater Philadelphia funeral home that offers cremation services, funeral services, veteran’s cremation and funeral options, and pre-planning services. Starting with a full-service funeral home allows you to plan a service as simple or as elaborate as you desire.

Do You Understand Philadelphia Funeral or Cremation Costs?

Philadelphia funeral costs get confusing. When you work with a greater Philadelphia funeral home that doesn’t clearly explain your costs, or that tries to obscure related services or costs, you find yourself caught off-guard by unexpected Philadelphia funeral expenses.

Make sure you clearly understand the funeral costs or cremation expenses at any Philadelphia funeral home you consider. Review the contract for clauses that address backing out of the contract due to relocation or just changing your mind. Understand all inclusions, and ask questions about any services you’re not sure about. Find out if you’ll be expected to pay for Philadelphia funeral costs that aren’t in your initial agreement – especially if you’re pre-planning your funeral. It’s very important to understand your Philadelphia funeral expenses when selecting a funeral home.

Can You Expect Trustworthy, Compassionate Staff?

Finally, think about the staff at the Philadelphia funeral home you’re considering. If you’re pre-planning your funeral, you might not give much thought to the staff now – but how will your family feel about working with them when you’re gone? Alternately, if you’re planning an immediate Philadelphia funeral or cremation, are you getting compassionate care from the funeral home staff? Sensitivity, compassion, and caring service make a difference – particularly during a time of grief. Select a Philadelphia funeral home whose staff provides your family with the care you deserve.

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